Wisdom Teeth

Issues may occur at any age once our adult dentition has made its appearance but most often these 3rd molar situations are seen in later teen years or early 20’s. They often present with one site being painful especially to chewing. There may be localized swelling with or without discharge from the area as well as an unpleasant taste. A sore throat and or earache on the affected side may be experienced as well as limited opening or inability to fully close due to inflamed soft tissues. A slight fever and general malaise and loss of sleep is frequently seen. Again proper assessment with radiographs will be necessary. Antibiotics are often required as may be curettage of the infected site. More often than not lack of space is the problem leading to malposition of the 3rd molars with subsequent infection in uncleansable areas. If the prospects of reoccurrence is high your dentist may suggest extracton(s). If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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