Sport Injuries

Injuries from sport or streneous activity often run the full gambit from superficial tissue lacerations, tooth fractures and bony fractures.Other than dramatic tooth avulsions which have been dealt with previously the most often observed and least complicated is chipped enamel. These areas mostly involve the front teeth but can occur anywhere. The area will feel rough to the individual and may be sensitive to the air should the fracture be deep enough. Unless the tooth is mobile simple first aid to the surrounding tissues should suffice in the short term with follow up to your dentist within 48 hours. If however the tooth appears loose or extruded from the socket, same day evaluation, radiographs and stabilization should be sought. Periodically teeth that have been initially traumatized may recover and remain asymptomatic for years only to darken at some point with or without pain. These require investigation which may include radiographs and vitality testing of the tooth and surrounding area. Although in pain free cases there is often no urgency it is a good idea to set up an appointment with your dentist. If however the tooth appears swollen, mobile or sensitive to bite same day assessment is required. In all cases where physical injury could occur to the mouth a well fitted mouth guard should be worn. Face shields where appropriate provide an additional layer of protection. If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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