Dental emergencies in children offer a huge range of challenges extending to parents being aware of any dental issues they may be experiencing. A great opportunity can not only be assisted brushing of your child’s teeth but actually inspecting each arch independently under a good bathroom light (or keep a penlight flashlight in the bathroom drawer )and once a week have a thorough look. Examine the soft tissues as well whether that be the cheeks, gums or tongue. Remember prevention is key and centres upon not only attention to good oral hygiene measures but a healthy diet. At any point one notices swelling or sites which may resemble a “pimple” on the gum over a tooth these infections need immediate attention. Although these cases may present with the child complaining of discomfort it is not necessarily so and as such these weekly home exams are invaluable. It also helps to inculcate the value of good oral health and hygiene in your child. My If you notice areas that appear dark or areas that seem to trap food ( you should notice as you assist in daily flossing) between the teeth, follow up at your dentist is required. Sometimes teeth are avulsed often during sports or other traumatic events and need immediate attention preferably in under 60 minutes. In short, keep it clean, keep it moist and get it back in the socket ASAP if an adult tooth. Please see the preceding section on “Avulsed Teeth”. OTC analgesics including numbing gels to control pain should be used judiciously or not at all without consulting with your dentist or primary care physician. If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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