Fractured Filling

This may be difficult for the patient to distinguish from a tooth fracture and is often a combined event. For all practical purposes from the patient perspective they may be treated the same. Avoid further function in the area, keep the site clean until it can be attended to and cover if overly sensitive to air or cold liquids with a small piece of wax or gum. If this does not provide even temporary relief, the extent of the fracture may be complicated by a growing proximity to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. If this is the case then more urgent attention by a dentist is warranted to assess and treat appropriately. The latter may involve a simple temporary filling being placed to provide comfort, or if appropriate a more permanent restoration. Be advised if spontaneous pain is a result of the fracture or had preceded it then prompt attention is required. Another telltale of a need to seek immediate professional care is if one needs to take OTC analgesics (Tylenol or Advil) to provide pain relief. If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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