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The primary goal of our service is to provide quality urgent dental care for patients who otherwise cannot access their regular dentist.

Such care includes but is not limited to relief of pain & suffering, fractured or infected teeth, oral infections and periodontal issues. More often than not this is effected by practices arranging for UDCV to be designated as their “on-call” provider. All records from any treatment provided is immediately transmitted to your dentist for follow up and definitive care.

Secondary to the urgent care aspect described above, we often can provide short term solutions for individuals who do not have a regular dental practice at their disposal. This may mean anything from simple restorative care, to crowns, root canals or implants in a timely fashion.

Current fees are in strict accord with the Provincial Fee Guide. We accept dental insurance plans as well as Visa, MasterCard and debit for settlement of accounts at time of service.

Please be aware that at this time of Covid-19 restrictions, a thorough review of your medical status will be necessary prior to being seen. We are fully equipped with PPE’s, N95 masks, approved disinfection & sterilization protocols as well as multiple viral air filtration units. Finally only one patient is seen within the office at a time to maximize distancing & personal safety.

For appointments, call 1 (250) 812-2716  For questions, email udcvictoria@gmail.com

We look forward to being of service to all in a timely and compassionate manner.

Dr Edward (Ted) Laver. B.Sc. DMD




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General ConsiderationsIf you are in doubt whether you need urgent care or not, you probably do. At a minimum a phone consultation would be appropriate to review the history of the complaint, your medical status and any symptoms you may exhibit. We are pleased to provide this to anyone free of charge or obligation. However be advised we cannot definitively diagnose over the phone but can provide thoughtful answers & guidance for your consideration. Delaying the inevitable usually only makes matters more complicated. For assistance, If you need...

Fractured ToothA fractured or broken tooth can be disturbing at best or excruciatingly painful at its worst. They are often but not exclusively associated with overt trauma however there may be times when such fractures literally occur over a soft piece of bread. Although dental Ellis Classification of fractures exist it is perhaps easier to think of teeth as living organs of our body. Simply put the deeper the fracture and the greater the force on the tooth the more likely the complications. Just as with the skin of our arm for example a light...

Fractured FillingThis may be difficult for the patient to distinguish from a tooth fracture and is often a combined event. For all practical purposes from the patient perspective they may be treated the same. Avoid further function in the area, keep the site clean until it can be attended to and cover if overly sensitive to air or cold liquids with a small piece of wax or gum. If this does not provide even temporary relief, the extent of the fracture may be complicated by a growing proximity to the pulp or nerve of the tooth. If this is the...

Spontaneous PainThis invariably results from either an acute or chronic inflammatory response, either stemming from a compromised pulp within a tooth or associated supportive tissues. This may be further complicated by infection,neurological or vascular considerations or musculoskeletal issues. Most often seen are those deemed either as reversible or irreversible pulpitis. The former situation is one in which symptoms are transient in nature while the latter often displays a combination of pain without a stimulus being present. This means that...

Temperature SensitivityThe most benign would be root sensitivity. This stems from exposed root surfaces generally on the facial aspect of teeth wherein there is gingival (gum) recession . Invariably this is seen more so in adults than juveniles and particularly those suffering periodontal issues where both gum and bone is compromised to some extent. This may be seen as sensitivity to brushing close to the gum/root surface, having to rinse with warm water or utilizing a desensitizing toothpaste. The discomfort in these cases are transient or...

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