Lost Retainer

Replacement by your dentist or orthodontist ASAP is ideal, certainly within 1-2 weeks. If broken, resist the idea of fixing or gluing it. If by chance you are away on vacation for several weeks consider getting a mouldable mouth guard from a sports shop to be worn at night or a minimum of 8 hours per day. If it is a lower bonded retainer ,typically between the lower cuspids. one might experience one end becoming debonded. This very much needs professional care however if irritating or lacerating to the tongue some wax or gum at the site can provide temporary relief. If one possesses some floss threaders and is good with slip knots one may also be able to secure the mobile end by running some floss between the teeth, under and over the retainer bar, passing back through and “knotting” it the best one can. If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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