Temperature Sensitivity

The most benign would be root sensitivity. This stems from exposed root surfaces generally on the facial aspect of teeth wherein there is gingival (gum) recession . Invariably this is seen more so in adults than juveniles and particularly those suffering periodontal issues where both gum and bone is compromised to some extent. This may be seen as sensitivity to brushing close to the gum/root surface, having to rinse with warm water or utilizing a desensitizing toothpaste. The discomfort in these cases are transient or short lived and not as adversely effected by warm beverages. For teeth not presenting as such , fractured teeth/fillings or compromised with recurrent decay can also present with increased temperature sensitivity but also tend to be of shorter duration and more likely to be cold effected. For those teeth which are intact but demonstrate increased temperature sensitivity especially with tenderness to bite the potential for pulpal or root canal issues increases dramatically. If you need assistance with a dental emergency in Victoria, Call your emergency dentist in Victoria today at 250-812-2716


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